Introduction :

Deeside Mineral Water is one of the purest, healthiest waters in the world, flowing from the Lower Spring at Pannanich Wells, one of the most beautiful, unspoilt parts of Scotland. The whole bottling process is effective, hygienic and completed at source to ensure the highest quality water and presentation for our customers.

Unique Characteristics:
1. Clean flavour with no aftertaste
Good for everybody of any age
  No salty taste, good for mixing with any other drinks.
  No residue even after boiling, suitable for making tea, coffee or soup.
  Unusual balance of natural elements, help maintain well-being as part of a balanced diet, good for everybody of any age.
2. Promote good skin condition
  Results show Deeside Mineral Water may have anti-oxidant effects which are believed to be beneficial for protecting living cells against the harmful effects of free radicals, which are known to be part of the disease and ageing process.
  Deeside Mineral Water may help promote good skin condition, by encouraging the growth of the tubules which feed nutrients to the skin, improving hydration and vitality.
3. Help foster health & vitality against diseases
  Deeside Mineral Water has a long history of curative properties dating back to 1760. These qualities have been supplemented by modern analyses and research, which show it is fundamentally different to other waters, with active benefits for living cells, caused by unusual natural characteristics in its chemistry. It helps promote health against diseases like painful joints and cell disease.
  pH around 6, which is the best for health in long term (according to a 20 year's study by the French Government).
  Has been enjoyed by Queen Victoria and the British Royal Family, which may be the reason for their longevity.
  Also enjoyed by World Leaders, sportsmen and stars of stage and screen.
For clinical and laboratory reports, click here.
Drinkable and Healthy are different:
Boiling tap water can reduce around 60% of the chlorine and kill harmful bacteria, but it will not clear the heavy metals and industrial pollutants in the water.
Most water filters remove chlorine and kill bacteria, but the majority cannot remove heavy metals and industrial pollution. Filters must be changed regularly because the unwanted substances trapped in the filters will become detrimental to health.
Distilled water is discarded of all contaminants such as chlorine, industrial pollution and fluorides, but it is stripped of all beneficial minerals. It can only hydrate but add no further health benefits. Also, being an active absorber, it tends to absorb minerals away from our system.
Each natural mineral water has its own minerals content due to the natural geology and environment of its source. An optimal balance is the most ideal choice for human health. Too high content of Calcium or Sodium is not suitable for people with kidney problems or high blood pressure.

Try "Deeside" your body will Decide!


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